"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."

I took for granted what you do, but I’ll do better.

I'll love you for a thousand more

Darcy/Steve long lost princess au

When Darcy Lewis changes her major (the fourth change in three years) to political science, she never dreamed she’d actually go into any kind of politics. She’s many things—a student, a hacker, a bit of a smartass, but despite her father’s affectionate insistance that she was a royal pain in the ass, she’d never imagined herself as royalty.

That all changes when Pepper Potts, interim ruler of the small kingdom of Espea, walks into Darcy’s apartment and claims that Darcy’s mother was the youngest daughter of the king of Espea, and as the last living direct descendent, Darcy is heir to the throne.

Darcy wants no part of it…after all, she can barely run her own life, much less a kingdom. But the situation in Espea is dire. Unless Darcy takes the throne, the crown reverts to another branch of the family, one with a recent violent and criminal history. So off Darcy goes to learn how to become a queen while a whole country watches. 

Thrust from the relative anonymity of being a nobody at Culver University, Darcy suddenly has the eyes of a whole country on her. Her every move, every decision is being picked apart, and it seems that everyone from her royal advisors to the newspaper vendor on the street expects Darcy to fail. Everyone except Pepper—and Steve, the handsome head of her security team. But as time goes by, her feelings for him change into something decidedly unprincesslike. 

Can Darcy navigate finding her voice, falling in love, and learning how to stand with the fate of an entire country balanced on her shoulders?


I watch it for the plot.